Learn To Swim



I became a swim instructor because I enjoy the process of teaching and watching my students grow. I have been in the water for as long as I remember and believe it is an important life skill that I can help others develop.


  • Seven years of experience as a swim instructor
  • Lifeguard, first aid, marine skippers and scuba diving certifications
  • GAAAP water safety course deliverer


  • Lessons for all age and skill levels for school-age children
  • Competitive squads for children and adults
  • Learn to Swim programmes for adults

Best Result with a Member

Coaching an eight year old girl from a fear of the water to the point where she could not put her mouth into the water to swimming 50m+ in all four strokes competently. To help her overcome her fears, develop her swimming and instil a love of the water in her was extremely rewarding.

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