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Personal Trainer

Exercise, Mental Health and Fun are the solid foundations on which I love living my active life. However I understand the challenge in finding that and believe balance is the key. It’s my aim to find a balance that works for you too. The pursuit of a better quality of life should be one that minimises stress and maximises satisfaction - I’m confident we can do both.


  • NZQA Certified Exercise Consultant
  • NZQA Certified Personal Trainer
  • NZIHF Registered Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness Instructor.


  • Posture and Muscle imbalances
  • Functional movement for all ages
  • Athletically orientated performance training
  • Youth training
  • Weight loss, Muscle gain and toning 

Best Result with a Member

I help my clients find a way to counter both the demands and stress of their lives with the joy of a functional body and an active lifestyle. I can help you change the way you move or the way you look without feeling like you have to sacrifice your way of life.

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