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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Gym Floor News - March 2017

Sweat Towel Reminder

Please remember to carry your sweat towel with you at all times – this helps everyone enjoy a dry and clean gym. We have branded towels, Quillows, available for purchase in Membership Services.

Class Bookings

From April, we will be getting a bit more strict with members that don't turn up to their booked group fitness classes. To help all enjoy the classes, please ensure you cancel your bookings if you can no longer attend with a 24 hour notice. Swiping your card on your way into the club will record your attendance. This will ensure your future ability to book classes.

Nutrition Fundamentals

On Monday, 3rd April, we will be holding a Nutrition Fundamentals session with our new Nutritionist, Belinda, from Zero Up Nutrition. In this informative talk, Belinda will cover the basics of the Next Gen nutrition philosophy. With scientific advice, you will learn how to balance your macronutrients and make optimal food choices for a healthy lifestyle. Book now at reception to secure a spot.


Zero Up Nutrition - Belinda Creagh

 "It is with great pleasure that I am joining the Next Gen team - what a perfect place for the family to get fit and healthy under one roof. At Zero Up Nutrition, my philosophy is 'healthy families are derived from a balance of nutrient-dense food and exercise.' I believe if you incorporate these two factors into your lifestyle, you and your family will be fit and healthy in no time. I appreciate everybody is an individual, and as such, can help you achieve your health goals and empower you to take control of your own well-being. My areas of expertise include:

  • Weight loss
  • Healthy weight gain
  • Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes management
  • Children's nutrition
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure management
  • Nutrition & cancer

The club is my second home, so if you see me around, don't hesitate to stop for a quick chat. You can make an appointment at reception or email me at I am also on Facebook at and Instagram @zeroupnutrition."

- Belinda 

Mind, Body and Spirit - A Yoga Retreat with Fyodor

Objective: Cleansing elements in Yoga, known as Kriyas, are very effective in ridding the body off of both natural and acquired blockages. These cleansing methods are a combination of both physical (postures) and internal (breath control/meditation) practices. For this workshop, we will tackle specific elements Back Bends, Hip-Openers and Inversions. We will discuss principles and techniques not often taught in a regular yoga class.To finish the day, we will do internal cleansing through breath regulation (pranayamas and/or chanting) and a guided meditation at the end. All these components shall lead to lighter body, clearer mind and richer spirit.

Sunday, 7th May

8.15AM: Opening

8.30AM to 11AM: Physical Cleansing: Back Bends, Hip Openers and Inversions

11AM to 11.15AM: Break

11.15AM to 12.15PM: Internal Cleansing and Meditation

12.15PM: Closing


  • Intermediate to Advanced Practice
  • Not suitable for pregnancy
  • Some poses are contraindicated for hypertension, spinal injuries, shoulders and hip injuries but modifications shall be offered to suit these conditions. It is best to let the organisers know of any existing medical condition that might affect the practice in general.

Email Nicki with any questions or to book at

MyWellness App

Over the past few months we have been working in the background to improve the capability of the MyWellness app. In the meantime, ask our gym staff how this app can work for you and improve your workout overall!

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