Next Gen delivers $500 extra value to all new Members

Next Gen’s unique Next Step program will help you get your membership off to a great start with a series of complimentary sessions run by our program specialists across a range of club facilities and services. 

These sessions will make sure you feel at home in the club, know your way around all the gear and have the personalised support you need to succeed. Plus you’ll earn great rewards just for showing up!

The Next Step includes:
  • Access to our cutting edge mobile training app
  • Free consultation and custom exercise program with a PT
  • Regular InBody body composition scans and analysis
  • A group tennis session with the club pro
  • H.I.I.T education and training session
  • Ongoing custom program reviews every 6 weeks
  • A free one-on-one Personal Training session
  • And so much more!
At Next Gen, we’re different!

We put our members first, we give you everything you need to succeed and we even reward you for being consistent. Complete at least 6 Next Step sessions in the first 60 days and you could earn up to $150 cashless credit to spend in the club.