About Our Classes

The Next Gen Auckland Domain timetable has over 70 group classes running each week, designed to keep you moving and motivated. Take one of the many group exercise classes available, from mind-body, dance, strength & conditioning to high energy HIIT classes, yoga, pilates, and cycling.

Our Classes

Abs N Core

Burn your mid-section with our Abs N Core class. Designed for all fitness levels, this class works the abdominal and lower back muscles.


Our HIIT classes are a powerhouse workout that combines bursts of intense exercise with short recovery periods, delivering maximum results in minimal time. Join us for an exhilarating, full-body workout designed to torch calories, boost metabolism, and push your limits to new heights.

HIIT Pilates

Improve your posture, core, strength and flexibility with traditional Pilates exercises, incorporated with HIIT body-weight exercises to raise your heart rate and improve your aerobic fitness.

Impact Boxing

A boxing, kickboxing cardio class using free standing bags, pad work and circuit training suitable for all fitness levels.

Leg Day

Target your lower body with our circuit-style class entirely using machines! Designed to strengthen the leg muscles and core in this rep-focused workout.


A 30 minute cardio-based HIIT class designed to build your stamina, power and endurance, held in our Technogym Skill area.

Teambeats HIIT

HIIT classes with different training protocols depending on the day. BURN is more cardio focussed, BUILD is strength focussed and BASE is mobility/recovery focussed. These classes are full body based with EMOMS, AMRAPS, Super Sets and more.


Come and join the party! Zumba is a really fun cardio workout that uses popular dance moves and catchy music to get you moving and sweating. Suitable for all levels.

Spin Stages

An interactive big-screen experience that allows you to race against yourself and/or other members, monitor your heart rate, perform FTP testing, complete real-world routes and train with the support and encouragement of fellow members and an enthusiastic cycling instructor.

Mat Pilates

A specialised mat-class that uses your own body weight and some props to improve core stability, abdominal and back strength, flexibility, and posture.

Stretch & Decompression

This class involves myofascial and ELDOA stretching techniques to improve both your static and dynamic flexibility.


Whether you like to meditate, relax or flow our yoga classes have varying styles to cater for beginners to advanced yogis. Choose from our Slow Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Dynamic for a challenging flow or our combined Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga to get the best of both.

Aqua Zumba®

Aqua Zumba® is a safe, fun and challenging, water-based workout that focuses on cardio-conditioning and body-toning. Held in our Indoor Pool.


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Awesome gym, fantastic staff, great cafe. Modern and connected equipment, fun and challenging classes, engaged personal trainers. Luxurious spa and sauna areas.

Pete M

My second home since 2014. Absolutely love this place, could spend most of my life between gym, courts, pools and lounge.

Julian W

I adore this place, it’s the best gym I have ever been a member of. All the facilities are under the one roof. And all the staff from cleaners to management are all so lovely.

Rochelle A

Amazing facility, amazing people. Thank you Next Gen.

Ethan C

Awesome place with a great atmosphere. Facilities are excellent, with top of the range gym equipment, tennis courts and indoor/outdoor pools

April J

Great gym, friendly staff, rooftop pool, tennis courts, sauna, member events. On par with some of the best gyms I’ve seen around the world.

Alex K

Great facilities and fantastic staff, highly recommend them for anyone looking at making their personal health a lifestyle choice.

Thomas T

It is extremely rare to find a club that offers a gym, exercise classes, swimming pools (inside and outside) and racquet sports. The major bonus of this club is the excellent onsite crèche which has allowed me to workout, without it, this would have been impossible as I have a toddler.

Angela R


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