Premium Spa

Delivering the ultimate relaxation and recovery experience, our Regeneration Spa includes a tropical shower, sauna, steam room, vitality spa pool, and an ice therapy, adjacent to a private outdoor relaxation lounge and garden.

 Warm down after a workout, or unwind after a long day and relax tired muscles and easy any aches and pain. After just a few minutes in the spa you'll feel the tension release from your body.

Spa, Sauna, Steam Room and Ice Therapy

Elevate your recovery and relax in style at Next Gen's Regeneration Spa. It features a tropical shower, Finnish sauna, steam room, vitality spa pool and ice therapy, set amongst tranquil indoor gardens.

Short stints in the sauna will aid your recovery sessions and help loosen and relax muscles after hard exercise. Heavy sweating and an elevated body temperature help your complexion by eliminating toxins and chemicals from the skin, whilst providing relief from stress and tension from the day.

The steam room will relieve any muscular aches, detoxify the skin and improve your circulation whilst relaxing tense muscles.

The ice therapy helps easy sore and aching muscles, and leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 



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