The Summit By Next Gen

Next Gen Memorial Drive’s Altitude Training Studio

A must for endurance athletes and a game changer for everyone! The Summit by Next Gen provides a controlled environment where high altitude conditions of 3500m are safely simulated through oxygen regulation.

In high-altitude environments, breathing delivers less oxygen to muscles, intensifying each workout tremendously. Getting used to breathing “thinner” air can significantly increase athletic performance at lower altitudes.

Simulated Altitude training is the proven way to train for shorter periods with less impact on your body, whilst still achieving the great physical benefits that you will on our gym floor.

Altitude Training Benefits

By training at altitude your body is having to work harder to recover, once you leave the room your body will repair and burn calories for 6-8 hours post exercise just like a H.I.I.T class.

For endurance athletes, altitude training can make the crucial difference between achieving a podium finish and ending up in the middle of the pack, but there’s an impressive variety of additional health benefits for everyone.

Training at high altitude can accelerate fat loss, regulate hormone production, improve sleep quality and help with a myriad of other health conditions too.

So whether you training for your next event, or if you have a busy life and your joints just aren’t what they used to be the Summit needs to be a part of your weekly training program.


Fitness Gains Include…
  • Up to 37% more endurance
  • Up to 25% more efficiency
  • Up to 15% more weight loss
  • Up to 9% more strength
  • Up to 3% more power
  • Up to 3% more speed
Additional Health Benefits

Altitude training participants can enjoy an impressive variety of benefits from increasing fitness to managing health conditions, improving mood, and even rejuvenation.

  • Increases muscle tone
  • Accelerates fat loss
  • Reduces appetite by increasing leptin levels, also known as “the satiety hormone”
  • Boosts your metabolic resting rate or “calorie burn” significantly post workout
  • Helps reduce cholesterol
  • Assists in management of high blood pressure
  • Increases production of “happy hormones” endorphins and serotonin
  • Helps combat depression and reduce anxiety
  • Reduces insomnia and improves sleep quality
  • Improves skin elasticity, tone and appearance
  • Increases collagen production and skin micro-circulation
  • Accelerates wound healing, particularly from surgery, with superior outcomes
The Studio

The room is typically run at a simulated altitude of 3500m

At 55 square metres, the studio is one of the largest public altitude training facilities in the state and can accommodate up to 20 people. The additional recovery studio adjacent to the chamber brings the total floor area to 96 square metres.

Our stunning light filled studio is decked out with a great selection of cardio and strength equipment. This cutting edge range functional equipment is all low impact meaning training at Altitude is accessible to all fitness levels and abilities and is equally suited to general purpose training or more specific goals relevant to trekkers, triathletes, and other high performance athletes. Equipment includes;

  • Stages Cycles (3)
  • My Mountain Treadmills (2)
  • Technogym Skillrow
  • Technogym Skillrun
  • Synergy Air Power Towers (2)
  • Synergy Air Bionic Cycle
  • Synergy Dual Strength Chest & Row
  • Synergy Duel Strength Push & Pull

Additionally, outside the studio there is a waiting/recovery room that contains a Stages Cycle and Dumbells up to 25kg.

Detailed Induction

At Next Gen’s Altitude Studio, each participant will undertake a detailed 30-minute induction to the training environment covering everything from recommended training duration and frequency, operation of the Pulse Ox meter, and using the unique special equipment found only in our studio.

Studio Hours

The Summit Altitude Studio is open during the following times:

  • Monday to Friday – 5.30am – 8.00pm
  • Weekends – 7.00am – 4.00pm

*Hours may vary on Public Holidays.

Studio Classes

We offer a range of 30 minute group classes at the following times:

  • Monday – 6.00pm
  • Tuesday – 6.30am and 6.30pm
  • Thursday – 6.30am

*Summit subscription is required to access group classes.
*Group classes are limited to maximum capacity.

Getting Started

Current members can simply speak to a member of the reception or gym teams to book in for your induction session.

If you’re not yet a member, click the link below to submit your details and we’ll be in touch to book you a complimentary visit*.


Next Gen is the best gym in Adelaide or anywhere I’ve been really. Lovely staff, great facilities, relaxed atmosphere, all ages welcome. It’s a lifestyle club, more than a gym.

Kylie F

This is a swimmer’s dream, an oasis in the city. I can swim all year around and have the choice of an indoor and outdoor pool for those hot summer days. All types of fitness levels catered for and classes to suit you.

Susan K

Great place to workout, swim, have a hit of tennis or squash, eat, drink, and hold a function or event! Love this place!

Daniel B

Great Place. Staff are friendly and facilities are fantastic. Love the tennis courts especially.

Deanne B

Lovely staff, easy parking, good range of gym classes available.

Lala P


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