Pro Trainer

As a holistic health coach, I personalise transformations by integrating diverse health aspects. My background in holistic health, training, and wellbeing allows tailored approaches for optimal results, acknowledging mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental wellbeing in fitness.


  • Certificate in Personal Training
  • Certificate in Fitness
  • Certificate in the science of holistic health
  • Bachelor’s degree majoring in Education, Psychology & Physical Education
  • First Aid/CPR Certification


  • Fat loss, strength training & hypertrophy
  • Toning and building lean muscle
  • Holistic health – Nutrition, Breathwork, Meditation, Mindfulness
  • Contrast therapy
  • Fitness – pre, during & post pregnancy
  • Prehab & Rehab – training through pain and injury

Best Result with a Member

My commitment to my clients drives exceptional results, far beyond weight and strength gains.
Clients experience enhanced mental and physical health through gradual, impactful transformations achieved via consistent, incremental steps.

Contact Me

Ph: 0220325688