Personal Trainer

Enze started his fitness journey with two cheap dumbbells and a self-made workout program, after running around and learning new things he found his passion for fitness & helping others to get to their physical goals, he started off just training his close friends to help them perform better in daily life or at sports, then he decides to study fitness certificate 3 & 4 with Box Hill institute to step into the fitness industry and becoming a trainer himself, as he truly finds fitness as his passion and wanted to make a career from it. He’s Aim is simple and straightforward, to help his clients reach their goals, and help them to look good and feel good.


  • Box Hill Institute 2021 Certificate III & IV Fitness
  • Box Hill Institute 2021 First aid & CPR training


  • General strength & conditioning training 
  • Hypertrophy training
  • Mobility training

Career Highlight

Enze has provided different types of training for different types of friends that he has offered to help, from making a powerbuilding program for his friend to strengthening his SBD technique & form to making hypertrophy programs for his friends who chase the aesthetic, Enze often likes to fit the exercise the client wants and comfortable to train with & progressive overload to them get stronger on the lifts, instead putting what he thinks is “good” for them