Personal Trainer

Farah began her fitness adventure during the epidemic while studying for the Victorian Diploma of Education in 2020. During that period, she began to consider how sedentary behaviour affects physical activity, and vice versa. In order to understand how exercise impacts various individuals, she began studying exercise science and nutrition science at bachelor’s degree. Farah has a special interest in the health and wellbeing of women, and she strives to empower her clients via exercise, training, and nutrition to live happy, healthy lives. Farah has experience in a variety of fitness disciplines, including resistance training, HIIT, and cardiovascular endurance. She will design a program that you will love and assist you in creating a lifestyle in which you can thrive.


  • Certificate III in fitness 
  • First aid and CPR training 
  • Bachelor of exercise science and nutrition science (currently undertaking)


  • General strength & conditioning training
  • Resistance band training 
  • Nutritional guidance (Nutritionist in training)
  • Language: English, Persian