Master Trainer

Exercise and eating well is my passion. But it might not be yours and that’s ok. You CAN fit regular exercise and good food into your life and I want to show you how. It all starts with a small step.


  • Precision Nutrition Pn1 Coach
  • NZQA Certified Exercise Consultant
  • NZQA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Next Gen Personal Trainer since 2015
  • MOVEIT Certified Group Training Instructor


  • Habit coaching to keep you accountable.
  • Nutrition coaching to take the confusion out of eating
  • Strength coaching to boost confidence in the gym.
  • Muscle building to give you the shape you desire.
  • Progressive training to keep you motivated.

Best Result with a Member

I help people change what they see and feel when looking in a mirror Clients of mine have lost up to 20kgs in a year and kept it off, all while living busy lives and not feeling like they’re on a diet.

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Phone: 021 520 063