Personal Trainer

Health & fitness has been my obsession since I was 7 years old. I have fed my obsession and hunger for my knowledge by being a personal trainer around the world for the last 12 years in 5 different countries and in 3 different languages. With this experience, no matter your age, culture, language or mindset I will have a solution for your fitness goals & targets.


  • Level 5 Diploma in Sports Management and Exercise Prescription
  • Studio Pilates International mat work instructor
  • Ninja Warrior Australia & France casting finalist
  • Queensland Fiji Rugby League Under 18s representative 2012


  • Joint Rehabilitation: Knee, Elbow, Ankles, Wrists, Shoulders, Hips, Neck & Spine
  • Calisthenics Coaching
  • Pilates instructor – 5 years of experience
  • Basketball, Sprinting & Rugby specific training
  • Nutritional advice
  • Proficient in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

Best Result with a Member

I helped the Chairman of “Eicher Corporation” lose over 20 kg and keep it off via a trialled, tested and verified strategic nutrition and fitness plan which helped him lose a huge amount of fat, and moreover understand the tools and how to use them to sustainably keep the fat away. 

If you asked Colin AKA “C-Dog the big dog” about his time training with me, he will tell you that after 7 years of training at Fitness World Main Beach he has never had sustainable results until I introduced him to my health & fitness plan.

Contact Me

Phone: 0272237774